Thank you to all of our 2016 vendors!

Ever since Fjällräven was founded just over 50 years ago, we have had one strong driving force: to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy the countryside.

It has been nearly 40 years since Minnesota had a top division soccer team. That all changes when Minnesota United kicks off with Major League Soccer.

We love the Midwest and good design. We have this crazy idea that craftsmanship and beauty can make the world a better place.

Small things for a prettier life. Our city is humming with hip, independent crafters and artists who need a creative space to showcase their wares. Collaborating with over 200 artists.

A locally owned and operated apparel company rooted in the St. Croix River Valley. Each t-shirt has a hidden quote designed to empower and inspire. All apparel proudly made in the USA.

A full-fledged home-décor, entertaining, and kids’ toys company focused on well-crafted items made from thoughtfully sourced—and often upcycled—wood and other cool materials.

We love Minnesota. We love to share our pride with others who live here, who have moved here, who have returned here, or who have visited here. Our shirts are designed and printed in Richfield, MN, and we use only American Apparel clothing.

Adam Turman is an illustrator from Minneapolis, MN, whose bold style offers colorful takes on beloved landmarks and the great outdoors.

Leather. Linen. Brass. Beeswax. Classically styled and crafted by hand, Merchant Leather Goods are designed for everyday use for generations to come.

A MANO means “by hand” — proud to offer amazing work created by talented artists from all over the world. MN photographer Louisa Podlich created this store to bring art lovers and artists together.

We make pets happy! Pets have a way of bringing people together and that’s exactly how Chuck Anderson and Don Tauer met. Their involvement in training and showing dogs is how Chuck and Don became friends.

Vintage meets modern in an eco-friendly collection. Larissa explores the depths of flea markets and deadstock warehouses to find cameos, switchblades and lockets and gives these old treasures a new opportunity to shine by transforming them into modern, edgy jewelry.

It’s a happy, noisy, joyful place full of things that work for real babies and real families. It’s a baby-proofed space where you can feel free to let your little one roam around and explore.

A play on the phrase ‘Spoils of War’, the profits from winning a battle. Striving to buy clothes consciously, fighting “fast fashion” – an industry that values profits over people and artisanship. We focus on local production, organic textiles, fair trade practices, and sustainable qualities.

Minny & Paul was founded with a vision to elevate your gift giving and make it easier to share high quality local products. Our locally curated gift boxes are theme based — like Home Sweet Home and Pamper — and feature all Minnesota makers and brands.

Canoes, paddles, apparel, gear. One of our early inspirations was our Grandpa telling us stories about making canoes and paddles back in the sixties.

Fostered by 20+ years of outdoor adventures and a love of durable gear, Cedar & Stone started as a personal challenge to design, make and share canvas and leather goods that balance form, function and durability.

In this studio, we believe in craft. We believe that attention to detail is more than a focusing of the yes; it’s a frame of mind. We count stitches. We hone skills. We have high standards and low tolerances. We believe that being makers makes us better designers. Simple is beautiful. Service is paramount. Work is good. Small is awesome.

Hazel & Rose is about recognizing that what you wear matters. How it was made, and who made it, matters. Quality matters. Beauty matters. It’s not just about buying sustainable and ethical fashion because you should. It’s about buying sustainable and ethical because you want to.

CHUX is a full service design and print shop. Since its humble beginnings in 2005 CHUX mission has remained the same, produce quality products and keep customers happy.

The folks at Tradition Creek are inspired by generations of pioneers, frontiersmen, and ordinary folks that have ventured into the forests and fields in pursuit of a dream. The name stems from a creek where Chippewa natives would trade with French fur traders.

We make modern textile products from 100% recycled plastic bottle fabric in Minneapolis, MN. Our bags feel like a soft canvas but are really strong and can be put in the washer and dryer when your chicken or beat juice leaks.

For over 25 years Kitchen Window in Uptown Minneapolis has been an innovative leader in the housewares industry attaining local, national, and international awards.

The Beer Dabbler exists to support the craft beer community.  We are a centrally located gift shop for a multitude of brewery brands and all of your craft beer merchandise novelty needs: glassware, tap handles, apparel, tin tackers, beer bottle holsters, bicycle beer carriers, hop soap, coasters, posters, books, and more.

Offering women the opportunity to shop for clothing and accessories that are affordable, trendy, and convenient. Styling services and even a fashion truck are added features of this boutique.

This is gear for dogs that brave autumn without an argyle sweater, ride shotgun in the pickup, nudge their running partner awake before the alarm goes off…you get the idea. Dogs like these need gear that keeps up with them, in the city and the country; the rain and the sun; the hot and the cold; the dark and the light.

Born in Anoka County with deep Minnesota roots, we offer true one-of-a-kind handcrafted Minnesota inspired gifts and decor. Don’t pretend you’re not excited for fall…scarves, mittens, cute boots! We are your sweater mitten HQ.

Two sisters and some tools. Handmade custom art. Focus on impeccable quality and one-of-a-kind uniqueness. We are passionate about living our dream, growing as people and helping others do the same.

Got its start in 1979, right before the radiation leak from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Harrisburg, PA. Riding a bicycle and carrying a backpack full of t-shirts, Scott (the owner) began selling message-oriented items at anti-nuke events. Northern Sun donates to local community radio KFAI, the Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc, the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, Women Against Military Madness, the Resource Center of the Americas, + other causes.

A women’s lifestyle boutique focusing on unique and unexpected finds in apparel, accessories and specialty items. Our belief is in quality pieces that work together to build an entire wardrobe. Our goal is to bring the best in timeless and modern products that will live in your closet and home for years to come.

Curated FUN for men. Sportswear, gifts and accessories, both new and vintage.  Located in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis at 404 Penn Avenue South.

The Official apparel store for University of Minnesota Athletics. Buy Golden Gopher t-shirts, sweatshirts, Nike gear, hats & caps, jerseys, shorts, and more. “Minnesota, hats off to thee! To thy colors true we shall ever be, Firm and strong, united are we. Rah, rah, rah, for Ski-U-Mah”

St. Paul Saints baseball fan apparel for all ages, sizes, and weather. Shade your eyes with a Saints baseball cap, show your team and city spirit by sporting a St. Paul Saints t-shirt, jacket, jersey, or sweatshirt. Lowertown is alive with the love for baseball and everything that goes along with the American pastime.

Printed goodies since 2008. Everything I create starts with an original drawing. It’s the MBMB way. It’s like I always say: “keep your friends close, keep your sketchbook closer!” The MBMB studio is located in the Northrup King Building at 1500 Jackson St NE, Ste 246 MPLS, MN 55413

Borne out of a passion for hand-making small-batch menswear accessories in their home state of Minnesota, Mill City Fineries continue to travel to the far-flung corners of the world to personally acquire the most unique and highest quality fabrics.

Goldfine Jewelry stretches the boundaries of innovative design in order to create versatility in fashion-forward, yet timeless adornments. The Goldfine Jewelry handcrafted collections are built on a mission to create the highest quality pieces, designed with passion and incredible attention to detail.

1895: Cassel Goorin hit the streets of Pittsburgh with a horse-drawn cart full of hats and a passion for the craft of making them. Goorin was a family man who cared a lot about his community. He also cared a lot about the unique hats he made; quality and artistry were paramount. Goorin went out of his way to make sure his customers were happy, and that they loved the hats they bought from him.

Northeast Minneapolis’ independent two story record store specializes in the fundamentals of rock, funk and hip hop and stocks a wide range of obscure and amazing music including old blues, country, and folk. All vinyl. All day.

If you like a laid-back look, check out our styles at Karma Boutique. A flair for the colorful and creative, our shop offers all the items you need and more. Whether you’re seeking premium denim, maxi dresses, or jackets in traditional bohemian style, your search ends at our store.

Twin Cities-based startup offering furniture & furnishings designed to elevate your interior style. Industrial modern with an exotic twist, a must stop shop to find the next ‘wow’ piece for your home or office.

The Bibelot Shops, established in 1966, has become a Twin Cities retail resource for all things delightful.  We curate a wide-ranging assortment of items including women’s clothing and accessories, jewelry, toys, stationery, and home accents, placing particular emphasis on sourcing fair-trade and environmentally responsible products, as well as locally designed and crafted items.

At Creative Kidstuff, our mission is simple: We help families play. For over 30 years we have offered Minnesota families a carefully curated selection of the very best toys that inspire innovation and imagination.

Old-world craftsmen, trappers, miners and makers who bore our last names came to the North Woods to start anew. Turns out, our work ethic is a hand-me-down. Our grandfathers gave it to our fathers, who in turn passed it on to us. They knew what we know: deep forests, driving rains, drifting snows and rock-strewn portages do a great job of helping you sort out your character and find the parts of you that really matter.

Rising from the ashes of the old Yoshiko’s Massage Parlor, came OOOBS boutique bicycle studio and coffee bar. We opened our doors in 2003 in the North Loop of Mpls. Our passion is bikes, adventures and coffee. We offer a highly curated selection of bicycles and accessories for all styles of riding.
We are Worker B, a group of passionate beekeepers and artisanal skincare formulators who have harnessed the potency of bee-created ingredients straight from the hive. Our hard working formulas blend the very best of what nature, and the bees, have to offer, resulting in a powerful skin-loving addiction regimen that actually works.

Let your inner nerd out to play. We offer space for tabletop games with friends or to partake in daily tournaments. Buy/sell/trade video games from Atari to PS4. Comics, toys, t-shirts, card games, board games, miniatures, and lots more.

Wanderer is a Boutique on wheels. We travel all around Minnesota providing the latest in fashion and home decor- at great prices


Cait Courneya is an award winning Minneapolis based illustrator and artist. Influenced by her years spent on the west cost, her style is fluid and bold. Her work includes everything from fashion illustration and botanicals to abstracts.

Abstraction and realistic depictions of the human form and the natural world. Through Greta Kotz’s mark making, she balances the graphic quality of line and representational subject matter. Using mixed media, the work combines human nature, magical realism and contemporary illustration to create a sense of familiarity and wonder in the viewer.

Jeff Ambroz is a mixed media artist from Cottage Grove, MN who works with hand-painted papers, paints, natural materials, discarded decorator fabrics and recycled items. What doesn’t end up on a canvas or inside a frame is used to create a wide range of detail-rich stationary goods, jewelry and decorative items for the home.

Maps & Scraps are local artists who create unique and useful items out of clothing, remnants, books, plates and anything else they find useful.

St. Paul creator of gilded paper goods that include hometown prints + kitschy cards.

Multi-disciplinary design including graphics, art direction & photography, clothing & textiles, architecture, landscape, furniture and products.

Lucas Gluesenkamp is an artist living in Minneapolis. Drawing inspiration from animated films of the 1970’s and 80’s, his work focuses on creating eerie landscapes that appear to be still images from some unnamed or long lost animated films. Lucas’s ultimate goal is to provide the images, and have the viewer create their own story.

A science for socializing, this timeless wooden story-trading game pairs perfectly with parties of all ages.

This locally crafted pocket sized game sensation is a practical gift for anyone on your list.

Mermaid Patterns is the creation of Heather RJ Fletcher who loves mermaids, water and patterns. She uses multi-media approach in making her designs. However, Heather specializes in an aqueous surface design technique called marbling. Marbling allows her to create unique one-of-a-kind home decor items such as: throw pillows, napkins & hand bound journals.

Valentine Wood was started by two friends dedicated to making the functional world more beautiful. We started making custom wood cutting boards and serving utensils when we couldn’t find what we wanted in our homes commercially. We also sell a hand-curated collection of utilitarian antiques that have been assessed for the finest in quality and manufacturing.

We are green lumberjacks, making stuff from wood found throughout the metro area. From dumpsters and fire pits we find the worst looking boards and give them a second chance at a new life. Our products include fishing lures, paddles, tackle boxes, nets, and beer mugs. Everything is built using only American manufactured components because redemption at the cost of exploitation is not worth it.

Burly Babe Woodworking loves up-cycling natural elements and turning them into something beautiful. Jessica Robertson’s wooden pieces are meant to amplify the natural confidence found within the person wearing the jewelry.

Chuck U is an artist from Minneapolis who draws fantastical creatures in fantastical situations. You may have seen his work on the side of the cans from Indeed Brewery. He offers many unique art print posters at affordable prices.

DWITT is a St. Paul native and full time artist whose work has appeared on beer cans & bottles, video games, comic books, t-shirts, gigposters, art prints, & album covers. He worked as the featured artist of The Growler, and has created the posters for The Beer Dabbler events for the last 5 years, as well as creates all of the artwork for the annual Zombie Pub Crawl. All of his work is created by hand without the use of computers.

James Powell is an Englishman living in Minnesota and still spells the word “COLOUR” with a “U”.  His work is inspired by all manner of pop culture from past and present and of course, Minnesota. Through designs, cartoons, paintings and mashups, he creates scenes that you didn’t even realize you wanted to see until now.

Hand dyed scarves in a range of sizes, materials and colors made in small batches in Minneapolis, MN. We focus on beautiful materials, textures and colors, and low impact methods.

Ruby Dennis is a high school senior living in Minneapolis. Based out of her home in Prospect Park, Ruby designs modern jewelry and accessories. She works with salvaged, vintage, and contemporary materials, creating an eclectic mixture of unique pieces.

Carin Ekstrand-Anderson was born and raised in Sweden, and moved to USA in 1984. She has been knitting and sewing since she was very young. Due to her upbringing all STITCHESbycarin designs have a Swedish strong influence.