Cait Courneya is an award winning Minneapolis based illustrator and artist. Influenced by her years spent on the west cost, her style is fluid and bold. Her work includes everything from fashion illustration and botanicals to abstracts.

Jeff Ambroz is a mixed media artist from Cottage Grove, MN who works with hand-painted papers, paints, natural materials, discarded decorator fabrics and recycled items. What doesn’t end up on a canvas or inside a frame is used to create a wide range of detail-rich stationary goods, jewelry and decorative items for the home.

Maps & Scraps are local artists who create unique and useful items out of clothing, remnants, books, plates and anything else they find useful.

St. Paul creator of gilded paper goods that include hometown prints + kitschy cards.

Multi-disciplinary design including graphics, art direction & photography, clothing & textiles, architecture, landscape, furniture and products.

Lucas Gluesenkamp is an artist living in Minneapolis. Drawing inspiration from animated films of the 1970’s and 80’s, his work focuses on creating eerie landscapes that appear to be still images from some unnamed or long lost animated films. Lucas’s ultimate goal is to provide the images, and have the viewer create their own story.

A science for socializing, this timeless wooden story-trading game pairs perfectly with parties of all ages.

This locally crafted pocket sized game sensation is a practical gift for anyone on your list.

Mermaid Patterns is the creation of Heather RJ Fletcher who loves mermaids, water and patterns. She uses multi-media approach in making her designs. However, Heather specializes in an aqueous surface design technique called marbling. Marbling allows her to create unique one-of-a-kind home decor items such as: throw pillows, napkins & hand bound journals.

Valentine Wood was started by two friends dedicated to making the functional world more beautiful. We started making custom wood cutting boards and serving utensils when we couldn’t find what we wanted in our homes commercially. We also sell a hand-curated collection of utilitarian antiques that have been assessed for the finest in quality and manufacturing.

We are green lumberjacks, making stuff from wood found throughout the metro area. From dumpsters and fire pits we find the worst looking boards and give them a second chance at a new life. Our products include fishing lures, paddles, tackle boxes, nets, and beer mugs. Everything is built using only American manufactured components because redemption at the cost of exploitation is not worth it.

Burly Babe Woodworking loves up-cycling natural elements and turning them into something beautiful. Jessica Robertson’s wooden pieces are meant to amplify the natural confidence found within the person wearing the jewelry.

Chuck U is an artist from Minneapolis who draws fantastical creatures in fantastical situations. You may have seen his work on the side of the cans from Indeed Brewery. He offers many unique art print posters at affordable prices.

DWITT is a St. Paul native and full time artist whose work has appeared on beer cans & bottles, video games, comic books, t-shirts, gigposters, art prints, & album covers. He worked as the featured artist of The Growler, and has created the posters for The Beer Dabbler events for the last 5 years, as well as creates all of the artwork for the annual Zombie Pub Crawl. All of his work is created by hand without the use of computers.

James Powell is an Englishman living in Minnesota and still spells the word “COLOUR” with a “U”.  His work is inspired by all manner of pop culture from past and present and of course, Minnesota. Through designs, cartoons, paintings and mashups, he creates scenes that you didn’t even realize you wanted to see until now.

Hand dyed scarves in a range of sizes, materials and colors made in small batches in Minneapolis, MN. We focus on beautiful materials, textures and colors, and low impact methods.

Ruby Dennis is a high school senior living in Minneapolis. Based out of her home in Prospect Park, Ruby designs modern jewelry and accessories. She works with salvaged, vintage, and contemporary materials, creating an eclectic mixture of unique pieces.

Carin Ekstrand-Anderson was born and raised in Sweden, and moved to USA in 1984. She has been knitting and sewing since she was very young. Due to her upbringing all STITCHESbycarin designs have a Swedish strong influence.